Anna Maupin is an emerging artist and full-time student at The University of Texas working towards her Bachelors of Fine Arts.  Anna's art has been seen at the famous Cottonwood Art Festival, in business galleries, and government buildings. She has been taking commissions and seeks a long term career in the visual arts.  Her art examples found here on contains works though her High School years, but even as a very young child, she could draw for hours without tiring. She eventually taught herself to draw through art books and trial and error. Her work was encouraged, not only at home but also by her public school art teacher who nurtured her skills and passion to never stop drawing. Anna enjoys creating flowing organic works of art. It allows her to free the mind and find a deep peace. In her current works, she aspires to weave emotions into the art in hope that the viewer will see beyond the surface of piece and interpret a meaningful story.

   Brian Maupin is a Dallas native and UT Austin graduate in Marketing with a full time profession in Technology. Brian was the recipient of the 1989 Wendy and Emery Reves Art Scholarship and has had a lifetime pursuit of expressions in creativity through airbrusing, woodworking, vintage restorations, and metalwork. His current work with discarded metal tools, household items and eWaste demonstrates his playful perspective and artistic motivation to give a new life and purpose to the discarded. The new sculptures have dual meanings with a nod to the storied past of the individual items while also working together for a new purpose. This visually expresses Brian’s hopeful theme of gathering up the discarded for a collective good to be reborn with purpose. There is no end of life when a creative energy is still at work.

   Our society is often consumed with what’s “going viral” and what’s the next “big thing.” In our rush we often overlook the spectacular beauty of this world that is found only by a slower, more deliberate look – looking with expectant eyes – expecting to find beauty.
   As a contemplative photographer and skilled computer craftsman, my desire is to share with you what I have found. With a gift for composition and design, and with decades of photography experience added to my formal photography training, I hope to highlight my discoveries for you. My wish is that you’ll pause long enough to find beauty somewhere somehow amid the rush.